Southbound 4 helps businesses execute strategic storytelling through powerful writing and communications. Video has taken the digital world by storm. It will only continue to grow exponentially as a medium. The written word, though, provides a visceral connection to audiences that moves them to action. When content works in concert, magic happens.  

Shane Sharp
Owner, Chief Writing Officer


Simply put, I've always loved to write. After becoming enamored with the sports pages of newspapers I gave up a (marginally promising) career in city planning to write about prep sports for a local paper.


From there, it was on to cover college basketball, the NBA, golf, travel and real estate for numerous newspapers, magazines and websites. As managing editor of WorldGolf.com (now part of Golf Channel) in the late '90s and early '00s I got my first taste of SEO and just how vital it was amid a world (wide web) of infinite information.

 I helped lead a division of Buffalo.Agency from 2004 to 2019, refining my public relations, digital, and content marketing game. Our integrated approach allowed me to dig deep into  SEO and copywriting. It was the perfect blend of art and science.

My Previous Positions

  • Vice President, Buffalo.Agency

  • Managing Editor, WorldGolf.com 

  • Sports Writer, Charlotte Observer

  • Sports Writer, Rock Hill Herald

  • Contributing Editor, GOLF Magazine

  • Freelance Writer (Golf, Travel, Real Estate and Tourism)

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Our mobile office in Greenville, S.C.


Growing up in Kentucky, "southbound" was a trip to Florida during winter break. It meant unlimited sunshine, skimboarding, fresh seafood and countless hours of Jimmy Buffett on our car's 8-track player. 

We eventually moved to Naples, Florida. From there, college, graduate school, work and family took me to Arizona, the Carolinas and New York. But southbound came-a-calling again in 2018.  Warmer weather, lower taxes and greener fairways beckoned. 


That's how my family and I ended up in Greenville, South Carolina. You may have come upon the (endless?) accolades for #yeahTHATgreenville and let me tell you, they are all true. This city's southern spirit, culture and unbridled hustle inspired me to launch Southbound 4 following a 16-year career with Buffalo Agency.


In this region, warmth, sincerity and storytelling are a way of life. My goal is to work with brands that embody the southbound lifestyle, and want to tell their target audience all about it.

So grab a seat, and let's head southbound together to exceed your goals and objectives. 


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